How To Find The Right Small Business Coach For You

It can be very tricky knowing who to turn to when you are looking for a respected and trusted coach or mentor. In this article I will help you to decide upon the type of person whom you can work with to Increase your small business success. Here we will go over how to find The Right Small Business Coach For You.WORTH KNOWING FIRSTLY: There are no right or wrong ideas when learning, it is more a fact that you are happy with the money you spend working with an expert. So you can gain a lot from every situation but, in this article it may help you to avoid costly mistakes when finding the best person to work with.How to Find The Right Small Business Coach For You in 2015.Why 2015? Well, when it comes to coaching there are time based principles that will always create more success but, in small business coaching things change all of the time and it is important to find someone who understands what is going on in your market and business niche area.Every day there are changes in the small business world and especially the online business world so there is a strong need for a great online presence in small business, and this is so that people can find you easily and effectively.When you think about it most people are online these days.So, when looking for an effective small business coach it will help you to look for a person who really can work alongside you to master the areas that are most important and knows where you may need to outsource other areas.Here are some hot tips on How to Find The Right Coach For You in 2015.1) FIND A PERSON WITH PROVEN TRACK RECORD
8) FIND SOMEONE WITH A STRONG BRAND ONLINESimply, you need a person who will help you to reach your most fundamental goals and make 2015 your best year yet. They have to know what’s going on.If you have had some mixed or bad results in the past with coaching, you may have been put off by looking for a small business coach but, don’t be. When it comes to your success, happiness and sales there are great professionals out there ready for you. You can find a great coach to work with as there is someone suited to your style of working.When you are running your own small business and you require an expert to stand by you to help you oversee what your important tasks are, things will change for the better and move you with more momentum, and this is because this is the real key to building a sustainable small business.At the end of the day, you are looking for results and increased productivity because all business that survives is built on sales.A successful small business coach will help you to identify your core skills and passions and also to think of the end customer or consumer. This will create effective strategies and leverage that focuses on the end user which will make your business last throughout the up’s and down’s of a recession.As long as your ethics are built on the customer being NO1 then you are likely to experience a more recession proof business that pays you regardless of the economy.OPTIONS:There is the opportunity to go for a company to help your small business or a personal small business coach and this is down to whatever you prefer. Obviously the personal touch means that you are going to have more of a connection and communication with that person, and this may help you to feel that you are moving faster and getting where you want to be.I hope that you have enjoyed How to Find The Right Coach For You in 2015 and this has given you some great pointers when starting your journey of success.

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Education Issues and The Politics of Standardized Testing Considered

Not long ago, there was an interesting piece in Newsweek on the reality US education versus the rest of the world. The article was written by Robert Samuelson, and he touched on a few very interesting points. Namely, if we separate out the ESL Hispanic test scores and the low-African American test scores then the US test scores when pitted against all of Europe, Canada, etc., actually come out the same or better. And if we take the Asian American students and put them up against China, Japan, South Korea, etc., the come out right in the same ball-park.Now then, so you can follow along on my comments, I surely hope you will go read this article in Newsweek; “A Different View of The Education Dilemma” by Robert Samuelson. Then come back to my article here and let’s have an honest and frank discussion without the political correctness shall we; Deal? And while you are at it, please also read the article; “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” by Amy Chua published in the Wall Street Journal on January 8-9, 2011.Okay so, Robert Samuelson said some things which are not politically correct, and it is sure to cause a stir, but of course he’s right, we know he’s right – that is observable. It may not be observable on an individual basis, but percentage wise it certainly makes perfect sense. Still, I have a few points of contention. Namely, I do not feel the US should be anything but Number 1 in everything!So, even if we separate out all the ESL Kids, and Black Kids from the survey, our Non-Hispanic or Anglos are not number 1 according to his article and data references and they should be! However, with regards to those cited surveys – I do not trust ANY survey done by the OCED, or coming out of Belgium or Paris, I don’t trust such surveys.Why you ask, well it is my opinion that the French cannot even win their own bicycle race, and are busy selling military assets representing the strength of NATO to Russia – so I I am not sure I believe or even really care what they have to say. Often I feel as if they’d say anything to put themselves ahead of the US and themselves on podiums and pedestals.Now then, I’d hate to see the “No Child Left Behind” turn into a mandate for “No Child Allowed to Advance” with regards to those kids who excel for whatever reason, be it genetic expression, positive family role models, or sheer will. Each individual child excels at different times in their physiological and mental development in various areas of math, abstract thought, reading, and creativity – when they are ready and start to excel, let them go conquer that niche, express themselves, and move forward, as they are able, help them find their niche and succeed.Indeed, these skills will transfer to all other areas of their development. Success skills are similar in all areas of human endeavor, holding them back is pure evil, it’s like putting a child in a room with nothing but blank walls.Let’s talk about that WSJ article with regards to Chinese Moms, I believe it is correct, and Asian families push their kids harder, not just to be in the top tier of the class, but to be the best in every class. That to me seems “so American” in thinking, why aren’t white anglo parents doing the same, or Hispanic or Black parents? You see, there is nothing wrong with being number one.In fact, I was talking to a teacher out of North Las Vegas many years back, and she was new, loved her job and went to each student’s home to meet the parents and she could tell which kids would excel and which would have problems in reading based on the number of books and magazines lying around and the number of book shelves in the home.She’s right, that’s “real world” too, and perhaps this is why I am not surprised with anything in that Newsweek article. The only question is what to do about it? It seems that the politics behind academia is often in denial, and the political correctness, lawsuits, politicians, parents, and unions all have demands that are unfortunately counter-productive to simple solutions. Please consider all this.

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Networking With the Biggest White Elephant in the Room – Extreme Expectations

Business networking doesn’t have to give you a gag and puke effect. Recently a new Joint Venture partner, Monique MacKinnon, put my own networking experience to the test with her “white elephant” that is, limiting beliefs test. Then I wanted her to play the game too. After all, she does have business networking experience building a reputation of, a consummate networker. I wanted her to just tell it like it is from her own experience. Do you know this “white elephant” of business networking?Question: Based on your 5 years’ experience of providing Creativity Coaching and Consulting services and leading business networking events for business owners and professionals, what is the single biggest mistake that networkers make that when shifted could transform their networking experience from unproductive and ‘just another item on one’s marketing To Do List’ to both pleasurable and productive?Answer: The biggest mistake I’ve seen networkers make is:(1) at one extreme… to expect too much, too soon vis-a-vis results from their networking efforts; and (2) at the other extreme, to not expect anything from the networking.In scenario #1, they immediately turn off their prospects because the energy they exude to their fellow networkers is uncomfortable to them.In scenario #2, the nonchalant networker is perceived as a hobbyist and therefore not fully committed to, and serious about creating win-win networking relationships. When networking, taking the middle road – which lies between the two extremes of being off-putting and commitment-phobic – is the best-case scenario. Arriving feeling fully prepared – mentally, emotionally, and energetically – for example increases networking success!A couple of ways to quickly attract networking success is to get clear on the following before embarking on your networking adventures:(1) “What do I most enjoy about networking?” Whatever your response is (e.g. meeting new people or mastering networking,…), you need to ensure you get into and stay in that space throughout your networking experience; and (2) “What is my intention for this networking event, in other words, what do I want to ask the other networkers that will help advance my business?”; (3) “What are all of the ways I am willing to help other networkers: for example, be a connector, provide helpful resources and/or something else?”If you are riding this white elephant then it may be time to slow down and regroup. Where are you in the riding circle of expecting too much too soon to not expecting anything from business networking? Stop, reflect and see your position. Now, if you are at either extreme, why not make the shift that will free you from going in circles. Get clear, stay in that space and network with intentional conversations.

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