What is a Table Tennis Top and Why Do You Need One?

According to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), a regulation table tennis tabletop should be five feet wide, nine feet long and 30 inches high. In order to prevent warping, it is highly suggested that one purchase a table tennis tabletop that is at least 3/4 inches thick. Usually, the table tennis tabletop is manufactured from specific timber made hardboard, called Masonite.After the tennis table is coated with a low-friction material, a blue, green, or black coloring is applied. (Regulation table tennis tabletops are either blue or green). With a white painted strip, the tennis table surface is divided into halves lengthwise and the edges of the table are defined with white painted strips. Lastly, a net is attached 15.25cm above the tennis tabletop, evenly dividing the table in half. The net should be pulled taut, but avoid pulling the net so tightly that it creates a buckling in the net.The tennis tabletop frame should be sturdy, and made of durable material. Tables with many points of connection, from the bottom of the table connecting it to top of the frame, are the most durable, but the connections should also be stable and not flimsy. Likewise, the coasters connected to the frame should be of good quality and should have ample locking devices so the table does not roll around during playtime. The larger the caster, the sturdier and easier the table will be to move to its storage area. Generally, tables manufactured with larger legs will be sturdier, and will prevent the table from moving during playtime.Many tables are designed to fold in half for easy storage capabilities and greater mobility. Therefore, before buying a table, make sure the table folds in half easily and make sure the folding connections are secure and strong. As a practice method, many table tennis players like to fold one-half of the table top up so they can serve and return without a partner. With this in mind, make sure the tabletop is easy to set up with one-half up and without worry of collapse. It is also wise to make sure the gap between the table halves is not too wide.The material used to manufacture the tabletop will greatly influence where you can set up your table and begin to play. Tables made from wood or wood byproducts are not suitable for outdoor uses as exposure to excessive moisture, humidity and temperatures will undoubtedly make the table warp. If you wish to play table tennis outside, a suitable tabletop would be a table made from aluminum. Aluminum tables involve an encapsulation process that makes the tabletop virtually warp free.Of course, you do not need to purchase a tennis tabletop in order to play table tennis. However, if you are truly interested in learning table tennis and are serious about increasing your playing level, it is advisable to make the purchase. Once you begin to play on a regulation table, through habit alone, you will become accustomed to how hard to hit the ping-pong ball, where to hit the ball and learn how your spins will affect the ball.Additionally, you can play against an opponent of similar skill and practice more efficiently and effectively whenever possible. Depending on your enthusiasm for the game, and where you intend on playing, will determine what table tennis tabletop is appropriate for you to purchase. With this in mind, make sure you keep playing time, the place you will most likely set up your table and how much you will play on the table, all in mind before you make a purchase.

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Workout Programs Help Manage Health Care Costs? YES!

I get a lot of questions from people asking me why someone would want to participate in a conditioning program of any kind. I often ask these individuals to take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture. Once you do that you can see how participating in a workout program can benefit so much more than just your body. It will also benefit your wallet.My hope is that this article will show you how the benefits of a golf performance enhancement program can extend far beyond the golf course.Money Is A Terrific MotivatorMoney is a very strong motivator for most people. As such, I tend to use a financial perspective to motivate people. It is a perspective everyone understands and it works so well. I’ll use that same perspective here.The health care industry in America continues to be a constant source of concern for the 50+ population. With advances in modern science, individuals are now living longer than any other time in history. While this can be seen as a positive, many individuals are worried about outliving their retirement funds (a very legitimate concern), having their standard of living being reduced due to lack of financial support and losing their personal mobility due to age.One of the major issues that this country (USA) has on its hands is how we are going to care for the Baby Boomer population once they begin to get older. The overall financial strain it will put on our national health care and financial systems is projected to be very significant.Strain On The Health Care SystemThere is already a terrible overall strain on the medical system we have. Many of today’s nurses are nearing retirement age. There is a recognized medical staffing crisis on the horizon as a result of this mass retirement.Tomorrow’s health experts are not getting the clinical experience they need during school due to the incredible demand for new nurses, so much of the training is happening on the job. In short, they are not really ready for the hospital floor (this is a general, high level statement).While this is not necessarily bad, it is a nightmare for hospitals, since there seems to be a significant drop in overall productivity and profitability from a veteran nurse to a new, “untrained” nurse. This is not good for their bottom lines.Don’t forget that hospitals, insurance and pharmaceutical companies are for-profit organizations. As such, they are going to do everything in their power to make sure that they make money, and lots of it.Health Care Costs Continue To IncreaseAll of these factors (insurance, hospitals, medical treatments, drugs, etc) continue to increase exponentially in cost due to increased usage and demand for their services. Health care costs are expected to grow because scientists are continually discovering medicines to treat diseases of aging and people are living longer. The elderly population, now 36 million, is expected to reach 70 million by 2030.The positive part of all this is that individuals are beginning to realize that they can control, to some extent, the chance that they will need significant health care in the future. Taking care of yourself now can “save” you millions of dollars in health care costs not today, not tomorrow but many years down the road. Conditions that affect us while we continue to live (diabetes as an example) can be especially expensive, as you can live for decades with diabetes.There are a number of other issues that will affect the future cost of health care. The point is, health care costs are not going to be getting any cheaper. You are by no means guaranteed to avoid all health problems by taking care of yourself, but you will stack the deck in your favor, and minimize your chance of realizing significant health care bills, by being proactive in the maintenance of your health.Conditioning Benefits Will Transcend Improved Physical HealthThe whole idea is to develop a better overall you. The core goal of a conditioning program should be about so much more than just fitness and conditioning. It should be about healthcare cost avoidance, quality of life, reduced pain, treating root causes of pain, etc.I can think of only three investments that have very minimal, if any, risks but can yield huge returns: Education, health and family/personal relationships.Think of taking care of yourself as a long term cost management strategy for your life. You can also look at it as a no-risk investment in yourself that will pay dividends far above and beyond any other investment you can make while also improving your body and energy levels. That is an investment I like to think most people would be willing to make.Still Enjoy The Things You LoveDon’t forget that you can take care of yourself and still eat the foods and do the things you like in life. I workout a lot, but I also drink beer, love hamburgers and steak, eat McDonalds (occasionally) and enjoy Mtn Dew. I just don’t make them a staple of my diet.Hopefully this article has shown you that once you take a step back and look at the bigger, long term picture that you can develop a much more compelling argument for general wellness, which is a natural byproduct of a properly designed fitness program.

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Importance of Commercial Mortgage Modification to the Economy

Experts have been predicting that the commercial real estate sector will also experience a crisis that may even be worse than that of the residential housing market. The unabated rise in unemployment and the increasing number of vacancies in commercial properties are indicators of this impending trouble. This is understandable because this kind of situation makes it more difficult for property owners to come up with the mortgage payments, much less the balloon payment that is required at the end of the term. Like in the residential sector, this could result into an avalanche of defaults and foreclosure filings that could further damage the economy. Fortunately, commercial mortgage modification is one of the potential solutions to this problem.For example, the lender may allow a permanent or temporary decrease in interest rate as a way to help the borrower get back on track with the payments. Even a one percent interest reduction can bring down the debt burden by thousands of dollars every month. This kind of commercial mortgage modification could help a lot in giving the property owner some room to recover while waiting for the economy to recover and the vacancies to get filled again.Another strategy that can be used in commercial mortgage modification is to extend the duration or maturity of the loan. This is helpful in postponing the balloon payment or avoiding it altogether and it will also bring down the amount for the monthly payments. Balloon payments are usually required because commercial loans often have short terms but the monthly payments are based on a longer term. To illustrate, the computation for the monthly payments may be based on a term of 20 years but the actual term may only be five years. Thus, there is a substantial amount to be paid at the end of term. Ordinarily, the property owner will either sell the property or find a lender for the refinancing of the amount that is due as balloon payment. However, experts believe that looking for refinancing would be very difficult because of the tight money supply and the drastic decline in property values. For the same reason, finding buyers would also be very hard unless the asking prices are substantially reduced.A commercial mortgage modification may also involve the deferment or postponement of payments. For example, the lender may grant the borrower three to six months of payment moratorium. This will allow the borrower more time to accumulate cash and find tenants for the vacant units.In view of the impending crisis, financial regulators have expressed their support for commercial mortgage modification and urged banks to try to approve more loan workouts. Of course, they have also cautioned banks to continue to use the proper lending standards when evaluating such application work loan workouts and determining the creditworthiness of a borrower. But the regulators know that adjustments to the terms of the loans could help both the lenders and the borrowers and could contribute to the faster recovery of the economy.

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